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Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS is a Norwegian insurance company.

Publisert: 09.11.2020 - Oppdatert: 04.05.2023

About the company

Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS was founded in 2007 with the purpose of protecting and insuring values through favorable contracts. We provide insurance both for the organizations and the people working there (employees or voluntaries).

The owners of the company is 53 different organizations within the segment of christian and non-profit organizations in Norway. The company has a 77% market share of all Norwegian churches, and an 80% market share of christian organizations in Norway.

Knif Trygghet is constantly working to provide our owners, their employees and volunteers tailored solutions at the best terms.

Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS is located at Møllergata 39, which is in the center of Oslo. The company has about 65 employees possessing excellent knowledge within the area of insurance. 

As a member of FinAut - the financial industry's authorization schemes, we make sure that all our customer advisors are authorized within non-life insurance for private customers. You can read more about the scheme and the requirements at  


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